Delta Capital Management

Changing the way you think about investing


Delta Capital Management is a Licensed Investment Advisory firm specializing in investment strategies that mitigate downside risk while positioning investors to capture upside market returns.

Delta Capital Management's team draws on over 100 years of combined investment and portfolio design expertise and decades of experience working with investment advisors.



Working with Advisors to help your clients achieve financial success.

Managing money for your clients with an understandable investment strategy.

A strategy with an effective way to manage market volatility.


Market Obervations

  • The current bull market is the longest in history.
  • Over the last 145 years, the median interest rate on the US Ten Year Treasury bond is 3.76%.
  • The 2000 S&P 500 high was not reached or surpassed until 2013. Thirteen years!
  • During those same thirteen years, there were two bear markets that each erased 50% from the previous market highs! That's a lot of loss/risk to accept for little or no return.

An Investment Strategy You Can Live With

Now, more than ever, investors need protection for the assets they worked their entire lives to accumulate. DCM's investment strategies allow portfolio protection during down markets while positioning assets for upside market returns.

A strategy for good markets AND bad markets

A strategy investors can understand

DCM is constantly working behind the scenes for you and your clients

Helping you build a strategy that helps clients reach their investment goals