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Changing the way you think about investing

Delta Capital Management

Delta Capital Management (DCM) is a Licensed Investment Advisory Firm specializing in investment startegies that allow investors to participate in up market returns while providing protection when markets turn down.

DCM's team draws on over a century of combined experience working with advisers and their clients to help them achieve the financial goals for their retirement needs. "After years of research, we are comitted to provide advisors and their clients with excellent asset management and do it with an investment strategy they can understand", comments DCM Principal and CIO, Chuck Lombardo. "While many investment models take pride in layering multiple levels of complex strategies and calculations to impress clients and make investing seem complicated, our model does the exact opposite. We simplify the entire process and deliver expected market performance in up markets and avoid most down markets with our investment strategy. Investing does not need to be complicated to be successful."

Our Team

Charles (Chuck) J. Lombardo is Founder, Principal and Chief Investment Officer of Delta Capital Management (DCM).  Chuck is responsible for the development and portfolio management of the DCM Investment Strategy.   He actively meets with financial & family office advisors and their clients, as well as endowments, foundations and institutions since inception in 2012.

Chuck has successfully established, grown and sold two other businesses during his 30 year, financial/investment career.  In 1991, Chuck co-founded Employee Benefits Specialists.  As President, he developed and designed employee benefits programs with insurance companies and separately developed plan design & process for hundreds of small & medium size businesses on behalf of financial advisors and brokers.  IN 1999, CBIZ, Inc. purchased Employee Benefits Specialist.  In 2001, after his two-year commitment with CBIZ, Chuck was Founder and President of Retirement Marketing Solutions.  His foresight led him to develop products that placed over $5billion in retirement plan assets with product vendors on behalf of advisors.  He was instrumental in designing product and process with four different insurance company platforms.  Mutual of Omaha purchased Retirement Marketing Solutions in 2008. 

Chuck began his career at Nationwide Life Insurance Company in 1985 as Regional Sales Director, Manager Large Case Underwriting, Compliance and Plan Design.  He achieved recognition as Top 5 Sales Producer for each year at Nationwide.  He has his B.S. Finance and A.S. Business Management.


Thomas J. Mangia is Principal, Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Delta Capital Management (DCM)..  Tom is responsible for ensuring that DCM complies with its outside regulatory requirements and internal policies.  He also oversees current technology, creates relevant policy and participates in management decisions about corporate governance.  Tom communicates DCM’s compliance and technology strategy to investors, financial advisors and clients.

Tom joined Retirement Marketing Solutions in 2004 as Chief Financial Officer and IS Officer.  He developed and maintained all systems and data development for the firm, until departiing Mutual of Omaha in 2012.  Tom managed all aspects of the financial distribution of compensation to over 100+ advisors and employees.  Prior to his employment at Retirement Marketing Solutions, Tom was Manager, Software Engineering at Eaton Corporation in Columbus from 1987 to 2004.  He has his B.S. Computer and Information Science, The Ohio State University, College of Engineering 1986.